Sattelite collars for lion (Panthera leo) in the Bouba Ndjidda National Park!!!

The Bouba Ndjidda National Park in North Cameroon is an area where reversal of the trend of lion is socially acceptable and biologically possible. BEDD’s team support this through the use of novel technologies to monitor the top predator of the entire Benoue Ecosystem (30 000 In the framework of our large carnivores’ conservation project in this landscape, we collared three lions in the Bouba Ndjidda National Park. These sattelite collars will send real-time location updates to monitor the lion population. By tracking the lion movements, the park manager can avert potential incursions and attacks in villages, allowing people and lions to coexist. In addition, the collars will collect important data on the lions movements patterns, home range, habitat use, human-lion conflict which will help prevent theats and inform their conservation strategies. The activity also offer an opportunity to empower locat vet and lecturers from the Garoua Wildlife School on Wildlife immobilsation techniques
Deeply thanks to the #Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and especially the Conservator of the Bouba Ndjidda National Park, Whitley Fund for Nature, WCS BSB Yamoussa, GIZ BSB Yamoussa, #GarouaWildlifeCollege, Prof Hans from WildCRU/University of Oxford, Dr @Murray Stokoe the vet from @Wildlife Capture in South Africa for their exceptional supports.

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